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Hey there :) just a quick one- do you know where I might find the film 'the inquiry'? I've looked everywhere and come up with nothing :( don't worry if not xx

Hi there bb, I have The Inquiry because the amazing chelsie-carson shared it with me through Dropbox. I can send it to you if you’d like! multifandom-housekeeper


the hobbit: desolation of smaug + scenery


Well, it’s Thursday. And I guess I promised my Chelsie shippers a one shot didn’t I? ;)

Votes are tallied in and it seems you guys liked #1 and #4 by a landslide. Not only did #1 beat #4 by only 2 votes, many of you asked if you could vote for both. Thus, I’ve decided to fuse them more abstractly together.

Prompt: In a highly charged emotional situation, declarations of love are made and tears are shed. I would quantify this as fluffy angst. So enjoy your flangst!

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Prompts Chapter 23: prompt 23, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction


The chelsie-anon left me a lovely prompt (honestly, some of them are little fics in themselves!) and I came up with this (also posted on tumblr, on my main profile, I’ve been asked to upload it to FFN by prior-incantatem ).

excerpt: Beryl is softly humming a tune while wiping down the counters of her already pristine kitchen. A dish with a few pastries stands next to a mug of steaming tea on the table that dominates the space. The silence besides the song and the sound of the rag being swept over the wooden surfaces is almost deafening.


Who has time for a boyfriend when there’s fan fiction to read


     And do one more thing for us, Sirius. There’s a little boy waiting for his mum and dad to
wake up. He’s going to be waiting a long while. We want you to take him and raise him as
you would your own. And tell him a story. Tell him about the girl and boy who hated each
other. Tell him about how the stag fell in love with the doe. Tell him about how they fought
to protect him. Tell him about how they sacrificed themselves so that he could live. Tell him
that his mum and dad love him. Tell him they’ll always be with him in his heart. Tell him
                  this is the story of Lily and James Potter, and this is how it ends.
                                                              Your mates,
                                                         James & Lily Potter


American Horror Story: Murder House

 A Summary




"Why oh why did you put them right next to the blue room?"

Elsie: Because the sheets haven’t been replaced in the green room, Charles. Guess that only leaves us the red room. You’ll just have to be careful of the squeaky bed spring.

"But you know the squeaky bed-spring throws my rhythm off."